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If you’re unfamiliar with the term “World Building” you might get a mental image of huge machines covering the surface of a dead planet carving rivers, planting forests, and pumping oxygen into the atmosphere. Truth is—that’s not far from reality. World building is the art of bringing to life an imagined world through descriptions, back-story, maps, drawings, and other creative means, and is one of the greatest tools a science fiction writer has for adding depth to a story.

On this site world-Building means creating the individual submissions that make up this wiki. For example, we are world-building for the year 3572, and have described species, plants, planets, stars, and just about anything else that would paint a picture of that place.

Our submissions are not stories, that's what writers do after world-building. We create descriptions, and then join those descriptions with what already exists. Our submissions do sometimes contain short stories to highlight the particular idea.