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The Fargoth World Building Project (FWBP) was centered around the continent of Fargoth that was on the planet of Belandir. It was a fantasy world created in 1997 for the use of gaming by Paul J. Pishnak.

Planet of Belandir and its continents

Quote from the World of Belandir Gazetteer

Belandir … it’s a remarkable place where intelligent humanoids and fantastical beasts share the land with the more mundane creatures. All seek to carve out a niche to survive and be comfortable. Sometimes habitats overlap and altercations ensue leaving the victor able to take advantage of their spoils.

The locations on this eclectic planet vary from the inhospitable tundra of the polar regions to the sweltering rainforests of the equator. Each has its own unique characteristics that makes them both beautiful and dangerous in their own way.

Belandir is much like Earth in its travel around the sun, axis tilt, and other parameters which means that adventuring on it will be familiar enough to make it your own without having to think about strange planetary differences. At the same time things will be unique via the population of creatures and locations that adventurers can be constantly on edge wondering what circumstances will develop out of a seemingly familiar and mundane forest or other location common to an Earthlike setting.

It is ultimately the Game Master who uses a setting and makes it their own through the constant customization of the material to suit the needs and desires of their players. We hope that what we present here makes this job as easy as possible by providing a rich, detailed setting for you to use.

Grab a copy of the Gazetteer here: The World of Belandir Gazetteer

Credits for the FWBP

The credits for image and the content for Fargoth go to David Freeman, Paul J. Pishnak and others who contributed to the project. This page is in memory of their work.