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Who Are We

Welcome to the Serpens Head World Building Project (SHWBP). The heart of our site is to work collaboratively with others as we World Build. Serpens Head, also known as Serpens Caput in astronomy, is a constellation in the northern hemisphere. The Serpens Realm, one of several realms on the site, is set in our real universe several hundred years in the future, and centered around the solar systems that make up that constellation.

Our roots go 20 years deep-all the way back to an email based, fantasy world building group called Fargoth. Some of our brainstorming and editing methods come from that group, and we tip our hat to our old writing friends. As that fictional place began to come to an end, a couple of us had the idea to do a similar project, but in the Sci-fi genre, so we created the Prime World Building Project. We had a small group of writers from around the globe contributing content, but after a several years it too had run its course. Now, many years later, R THNDR and TALucas decided to put their minds together once again and brought fourth Serpens Head.

What's It About Part 1

SHWBP is a couple things. Our core realm (Serpens Realm) is a hard to medium science fiction world building project. In simple terms, it is less like Star Wars and more like Star Trek. We tend to move away from things that appear to be magic-like, and move towards plausible science. Ideas like the force are out, but concepts like the warp-drive are in.

We've intentionally decided not to make a "galactic empire" as seen in many of the space operas. We chose depth over breadth, and want to create a place full of life and diversity. We want to provide a universe full of unique content, but at the same time provide a consistent framework to work within. We've created a set of Universe Laws to keep us on the same page. This will prevent us from creating paradoxes in our writing. It doesn't mesh well if one submission contains jump gates, but jump gates are a physical impossibility in another.

Our spotlight is small, just a handful of solar systems, but our heart is to break out the magnifying glass and look deep at this exciting new place.

What's It About Part 2

The focal point of SHWBP is the eye of the constellation (Gamma Serpentis). Strange phenomenon happen in this area of space, but perhaps the most complex is the convergence multiple wormholes. We are not yet sure how many, but they lead to some strange places. Some are local and stay connected to other systems in our own universe. Some seem to lead to other universes, places that operate with different laws of physics.

These portals open up the SHWBP to different realms. We could have portals to realms built around the fantasy genre with magic, dwarves, elves, and wizards. We could have others link to universes of furries. We could even have realms dedicated to alternate histories. What we're looking for is your creativity. We are not a fan fiction site, there are many of those. We use our own creativity to build.

Long story short ... if hard sci-fi is not your thing then don't fret. You can branch off into a genre you like by following a wormhole to a different realm. We just ask that you contribute to the Serpens realm first. We may also create a new realm if there is not one that interests you, but new realms talk a lot of work to start, and we would want several contributors committed to a realm before we branch out.

How Do I Participate

The SHWBP forums - is where the real work happens. Before any idea is introduced into an existing realm, we work it over in our forums first. We want to add quality work to the site so check out our writing tips page first. We also want to make sure the submission obeys the existing laws of physics for that realm and that the overall content seems to fit.