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I've decided to use this page to flesh out some ideas about changing Serpens into a Fantasy World Building site. Below are some of my initial thoughts.

  • Serpens is the main realm of the website. We welcome all to participate in fleshing out Serpens. As a matter of fact it is required that you create at least three pages for the Serpens realm before you're allowed to create your own realm (planet/solar system/species) elsewhere. But our heart is that you keep contributing to Serpens also.
  • Two or more of you can work work in your own realm provided you've contributed to Serpens.
  • Magic exists in two ways across all realms.
    • Some species are created with a certain set of "magic" abilities.
    • Some, not all, magic can be accessed through education...reading of books etc. It requires deep devotion to reading to learn these abilities.
  • There is some magic that is not allowed (will determine this later).
  • Species can be aligned evil or good. Good species can fail, Bad species are always bad. Example: Elves are considered a good species. They can do bad things and fall. They can also recover from this failure. Evil species like Orcs are always evil.
  • Solar systems, moons, and planets can exist outside of Serpens, but there is no travel between them (each realm is separate)
    • The purpose for this is to allow multiple writers to experiment with creating their own realms.
  • The Serpens universe is similar to that of JRR Tolkien's LOTR, but it cannot use copyrighted ideas. Example: Froto Baggins is off limits, but Dwarves and Elves are fine. You can make the case that Hobbits are not copyrightable ...but they are exclusively used in LOTR. You might be treading on thin ice. Don't use Hobbits either.
  • you are free to create any new species so long as it fits the universe rules.
  • You are free to create variations of Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, etc.
  • You are free to create all types of animals, plants, people, races, organizations, tools, political groups, etc. in Serpens or your own realm. This is the heart of world flesh out an imagined world.
  • You cannot use copyrighted works.... don't create Middle Earth with Gimli the Dwarf.
  • You must gain permission before contributing to another person/groups realm. You are however free to create a realm that is similar to any others. Be aware as authors contribute to the site, they are creating works that they own the copyright to.
  • Generally ideas are not copyrightable... Elves, Dwarves, halflings, are free to use. If multiple people decide to use "Dark Elves" in their realms, that is permissible.
  • Once you contribute to, the site managers have the right to perpetually display that content and make derivative content from it.