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The Serpens Pedia is a list of terms that come from our documents and stories. The terms are added in their original context, and form a foundation for new stories added later. Some will link to full articles, and some will just provide a simple description.

  • Bergeron - unknown location.
  • Escape pod - A small single person life sustaining craft designed for space.
  • FTL Travel - Faster than light travel had been achieved. One LY per day is the max that has been achieved, but common speeds are around 1/3 LY a day.
  • Micro gravity - ship made gravity.
  • Old Stars - Not much is known about them, but it hints at the idea of a history on Sol and Earth.
  • Serpens Eye - Star found in the Serpens Head constellation.
  • Sick bay - A medical facility upon a ship or station.
  • Slotin Station - ???
  • Spacer - A being that spends a lot of time in space, possibly as part of a ship's crew.